Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting Started

Wow... this is definitely new. I just recently fell onto some "blogs" - I had no idea! It's like your personal diary (that anyone can read!). Where to start... well, I've got to say that I let my debt get really out of control. Fortunately, I am not behind on any payments; but, when I think about the amount of money that comes in and I have to turn around and pay almost all of it on bills, it makes me ill! So, in an effort to remain accountable, I will begin tracking my progress here. It seems to be an effective tool, so... Since I don't know how to get the sidebars and progress things up, yet and I just did a quick calculation, my credit card debt is $ 88,755.00!! So many articles I have read say that the average american credit card debt is about $ 9,000.00 - HA! Five of my cards each have more debt than that! So, finally I decided enough was enough and I took all of my credit cards out of my purse and I'm slowly chiseling away at the balances. I do stumble sometimes, though and I'm hoping this new hobby will help with that. :)