Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wow...another month gone! August was NOT a good month for me financially! Both of my daughter's birthdays and my nephew's birthday, not to mention back to school. Unfortunately, I did use my credit card this month :( Not too much, but it was definitely a step back. DH has been working a little more, so that has helped keep things from getting totally off track. We are both working Saturdays right now - for me, though, it is just making up time lost with having to take DS to school and leave in time to pick him up from after care. Now baseball is starting, so that'll be even more time to miss work to be at games/practice...it's o.k. though...I do enjoy watching him play. I think September will be a good month for paying down - at least I'm hoping! We got a letter from Wells Fargo saying that we would be charged a $35 membership fee unless we wanted to close the account and pay it in full before the end of September (wtf?)...not sure if this is possible, but I'm going to try. I could take the money from the emergency fund that I just now was able to get to the $1000.00 threshold...not sure I want to do that, though! After all...what if I have an emergency?? Ha!Ha!